Cabrillo V2


CALLSIGN: callsign
    callsign must be the one used during the QSOs 

CATEGORY: operator-category band-category power-category [mode-category
    operator-category must be one of the following: SINGLE-OP, JUNIOR-OP, MULTI-ONE, SWL or CHECKLOG 
    band-category must be one of the following: 160M80M, 40M, 20M, 15M or 10M
    power-category must be HIGH, LOW or QRP
    mode-category must be CW, SSB or PY

    this field is optional

CONTEST: contest-name
    contest-name might be YOCNSSB, YOCNCW

NAME: operator_name / team_name 
    operator_name or team_name must be the callbook's name assigned to the CALLSIGN

OPERATORS: callsign1 [callsign2

ADDRESS: address 

CLUB: club_name 

SOAPBOX: any text 

CATEGORY-ASSISTED: <ignored by the robot>
CATEGORY-DXPEDITION: <ignored by the robot>
CATEGORY-OVERLAY: <ignored by the robot>
CATEGORY-TIME: <ignored by the robot>
OFFTIME: <ignored by the robot>
CREATED-BY: <ignored by the robot>
IOTA-ISLAND-NAME: <ignored by the robot>
ARRL-SECTION: <ignored by the robot>

QSO: qso-data
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